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What is sustainable seafood?

Maybe like everyone here at Wild Edibles you have heard about the troubles with the oceans, and the effects on the worlds seafood supply. Just like you Wild Edibles is concerned with the issue of sustainable seafood. So in 2006 we formed a relationship with The Blue Ocean Institute, a leader in ocean conservation. Using scientific research and strict criteria from the Blue Ocean Institute we can determine how sustainable our seafood specialties are. Using these guidelines while working with our vendors and fishermen Wild Edibles endeavors to source fish that has been harvested responsibly. Wild Edibles can help you make informed choices about the seafood you serve. We believe that together we can make a difference and affect a sea change that will guarantee the future of the oceans most valuable resources.

What do the green, yellow, and red fish icons mean?

The more the public has learned about problems facing our oceans-and in particular, the depletion and mismanagement of some species of fish and shellfish-the more they have turned to organizations like Blue Ocean Institute with the question, "So what's okay to eat?" To answer this question, we rank seafood according to how well they're doing. We quantitatively evaluate, rate, and rank fish and shellfish in five categories: life history, abundance, habitat, management, and bycatch. Their rankings reflect our recommendations from green (few problems exist, okay to eat) to yellow (some problems exist, use your conscience) to red (major problems exist, better to avoid).

For more information check visit Blue Ocean Institute
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